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Horses have been man’s great companion and aide for centuries. It is therefore only natural to make movies about horses that showcase not only these majestic creatures but also shows how intelligent and thoughtful they are.

Over the years hundreds of horse movies have been produced. If you are a horse lover or simply like to watch a good movie, the following list of best horse movies is a must-watch. The list includes all genres of movies from the classic hits to the latest.

Top 10 best horse movies [ALL TIME]



The movie Black Beauty is the one of the most watched horse movies. The movie is an adaptation of a novel by Anna Sewell. Black Beauty movie has been adapted several times because of its timeless classic heart-touching story.

black beauty movie - best horse movies

Black Beauty movies released in 1971 and again in 1994 are the two most memorable adaptations of the novel. The plots of the movies are similar however the adventures of Black Beauty are different. The general plot of Black Beauty is that in both the movies, Black Beauty is separated from his owner and friend and Black Beauty had to overcome lots of hardship to be reunited with his beloved owner.


Whether you are a horse lover or not, the story of Black Beauty will definitely touch your heart.


Who does not love Elizabeth Taylor and if you love horses as well, National Velvet is the movie to watch. Released in 1944, a young Elizabeth played the role of Velvet Brown who won a spirited horse in a raffle draw. She named the horse ‘Pie’.

the national velvet best horse movies

She and the hired hand Mi Taylor played by Mickey Rooney trained Pie to compete in the Grand National. But during the event, Velvet and Pie are disqualified even though they win the race because Velvet was a girl rider. However, Velvet is not disappointed as she knew of the rules and only entered the race to prove that Pie is a winner.



The movie was released in 1979 and is an adaptation of a children’s book of the same name written by Walter Farley. In the movie, young Alec Ramsey and the Black Stallion survived a shipwreck and were stranded in an island.

the black stalion best horse movies

The black Stallion often being mistreated by its previous owners was reluctant to befriend another human but Alec soon wins his trust. Upon being rescued and back in NY, Alec temporarily house Black in his backyard until one day when a garbage man gets chased off to the street by Black.

Black goes missing and Alec finds him in a barn owned by Henry, a retired jockey. Henry offers to let Black stay in his barn and also train both Alec and Black for racing competitions. Henry fixes a racing contest with two of the best racetrack champions. However, on the day of the race, Black injured his knee from a fight but continues to race.


The Horse Whisper is a movie adaptation of a novel by Nicholas Evans. The movie was Directed, Produced by Robert Redford. He also plays the lead role in the movie. The movie also saw young Scarlett Johansson plays the role of teenage Grace MacLean.

THE HORSE WHISPER best horse movies

In the movie Grace and her best friend meets with an accident while horse-riding. Her best friend and her horse are killed while Grace lost her leg and she and her horse Pilgrim are greatly traumatized by the event and are withdrawn from riding. However, Grace’s mom, Annie played by Kristin Scott Thomas does not give up on her daughter and the horse. Annie hires a horse-whisperer, Tom to help Pilgrim as well as Grace to overcome their fear.

The exciting journey of their recoveries and the love triangle between Tom, Anne and her husband makes the movie an interesting watch.


For those who loves the western movies packed with thrills and heart-racing scenes, Hidalgo is one of the best horse movies to watch. Hidalgo is based on a true story of Frank Hopkins and his horse Hidalgo.

HIDALGO best horse movies

Frank Hopkins, a legendary long-distance horse rider is challenged by the Arab Sheikh Riyadh to enter the 3000 mile race in the Najd desert region and defend the title of “World’s greatest endurance horse and rider” which the Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show advertise for Hidalgo and Frank.

The movie is about the ordeal that Frank and Hidalgo, had to face during the desert race. The movie also depicts sacred ceremony, and many other Lakota histories and culture.


he award-winning movie ‘War Horse’ is about a horse named Joey. Joey was first raised by Albert and sold off to the military to be used in World War I.

WAR HORSE best horse movies

The adventure of Joey as a war horse and the frequent change in ownership of the horse during the war makes the movie interesting and captivating.


this is a biographical movie about a thoroughbred horse named Secretariat, winner of the coveted Triple Crown and his owner Penny Chenery. In the movie Penny, played by Diane Lane have to prove herself in the male-dominated sport.

secretariat bsecretariat best horse moviesest horse movies


For the young audiences and even adults, this animated movie is an ideal watch. The story of Spirit, a wild stallion and leader of his herd is captured and taken to the US army.

For the young audiences and even adults, this animated movie is an ideal watch. The story of Spirit, a wild stallion and leader of his herd is captured and taken to the US army.

Spirit refuses to be tamed and ridden and soon escapes the bondage with the help of a Lakota captive name Little Creek. Spirit meets Rain, Little Creek’s mare. Spirit’s struggle to return to his home fills the story with thrills and adventures.


Seabiscuit depicts the racing career of the much loved racing horse called Seabiscuit. The movie reveals how Seabiscuit was an underdog during his initial racing career but rose up to win many prestigious racing events with the help of a right trainer and jockeys.


10) BUCK

This award-winning documentary film on Buck Brannaman, a real horse whisperer. The documentary reveals the life of Buck from his childhood living with an abusive father to his unique ways of handling horses.

The documentary shows Buck’s kindness and wisdom towards horses and teaches how to rise above all adversities.

For the horse lovers who cannot ride a horse or possess one, horse movies are the next best thing. You can enjoy watching this magnificent creature captures the heart of many through the silver screen.

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