Horse Saddles and What Everyone Should Know About Them Before Buying!

Horse Saddles Buyer Guide

Saddles are something between rider and horse. Their job is to give the rider a better balance. Saddles also reduce the pain (especially for the male riders). To ride a horse, you NEED a saddle so that you won’t hurt the horse. Saddles are used by riders to reduce the pain of the animals and themself.

Best horse saddles are made of cow leather, followed by saddles made of buffalo leather. The least quality ones are made of synthetic goods. The latter are not so good, even if they are being sold as high value. The reason behind it is simple. They are not natural. People are noticing that natural goods are better in every way.

Downsizes of saddles

There is one problem with leather saddles though. As every natural thing, they need a high level of care taking. They need to be cleaned quite often, and for the maximum life span, you have to apply cream now and then (regular skin creme will do!).

Leather saddles, if taken proper care, can last up to 30 years. Synthetic saddles aren’t made of natural materials and not as good as leather ones. But you don’t have that much work with them. Just make sure it’s clean before you go out. Saddles needs to be stored in dry place and cleaned on regular basis

What to look for when you are looking to buy saddles?

When buying a saddle, you need to take into account few things. First and the most important one is, your horses wither size.

The sizes are: 

  • high
  • low
  • flat

Your horses wither will let you know what size of saddle you need. If you don’t know what’s your horses wither, measure it by using something more practical. This can be accomplished by using hard wire (wire needs to be long maximum 50 cm). Put it on horses wither from right to left front leg. Mark the wire and go with it to the shop and show the seller what size of a saddle you want.

Follow the instructions bellow:

horse saddle measurement

The second thing, that is nice to know about your horse, when buying your saddle, is the size of your horse’s belly. The measurement needs to be taken from front legs (as there is where saddle will be strapped with girth straps). That way, you get the length of girth straps you need.

Before we move on with saddles, you may be wondering: “why is wither so important with saddles?”

Let me explain:

When you go to the shoe shop for yourself, you buy shoes that fit you. Not too small, not too big. If shoes are too small, your fingers will hurt. As a result, you can’t walk or get calluses. The same goes for horses wither. Get the wrong size of a saddle and it will hurt horse, when you ride it. In some cases, they might get calluses and those are nasty ones. You will not be able to ride him/her for a while. Of course this depends of the horse breed also.

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Also when buying horse saddles, don’t buy heavy saddle for smaller horse or it will be a torture for it. Light Horse Saddles are made of synthetics. When buying one, be very cautious. Sometimes sellers will sell you saddle alone, without any accessories at all. They could sell you saddle without stirrup or stirrup leather, hobble strap, and so on. Be extra careful when buying your saddle.

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